Two little Pilgrims went out to play
long, long ago on a sunshiny day.
The little boy Pilgrim wore an awesome hat;
the little girl wore a bonnet, or something like that.

They played a while on a stack of hay;
said the little boy, "It's a wonderful day!"
The little girl said, "The sun is shining so bright,
let's play until the day turns into night."

They spied in the distance a pumpkin patch;
said the Pilgrim boy, "Let's go pick us a batch.
We'll carry them home for Mama to cook."
Then after that, they played by the brook.

Two little Indians strolled down the hill;
they approached the Pilgrims by the trickling rill.
The two little Indians wore feathers in their hat
and moccasins on their feet, or something like that.

Said the little boy Indian, "We would like to play,"
said the little girl Indian, "It's a beautiful day!"
The two little Pilgrims were as pleased as punch
and said, "Let's jump in the leaves and hear them crunch!"

So the two little Indians and the Pilgrims two
played in the woods till the day was through.
They had so much fun playing all day long
that to part now forever seemed terribly wrong.

Then the little boy Pilgrim had a bright idea;
"Come close," he said, "and lend me your ear.
Please come to our house tomorrow to eat."
Said the little boy Indian, "That would be a treat!"

Said the little girl Pilgrim, "So glad you can come;
please remember to bring your dad and your mom.
We'll have a feast of wild turkey, squash and pumpkin, too."
Said the little girl Indian, "We'll bring some corn and venison stew."

So the very next day the two families came together.
They had a great feast, and it was beautiful weather.
They gave thanks for blessings from God above
as they all joined hands in the spirit of love.

Copyright 2017 Ruth Gillis

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