I love to watch the children having fun
and see the snowflakes falling one by one,
to hear the children's laughter as they play,
to feel the coldness of a winter day.

I'm glad that summer's heat has left us now,
no more a sweaty feeling on my brow.
I feel the chilly air nip at my nose,
but I am snug and warm down to my toes.

My mittens and my hat give warmth to me,
and I feel just as cozy as can be.
So follow me outdoors where there is snow;
just grab your hat and coat and off we'll go.

Come take my hand, we'll soon be on our way
to having fun the good old snowman way.
Together we will build a snowman tall
and see the pretty snowflakes as they fall.

Let's grab some snow and pile it way up high;
we'll build a man to almost touch the sky!
We'll make him round and plump and debonair;
we'll find a pretty scarf for him to wear.

Some buttons for his eyes will look divine;
a carrot for his nose will be just fine,
and raisins for his mouth will make him smile;
his dapper hat will add a touch of style.

His twiggy arms reach out to everyone;
he welcomes all to come and join the fun!
Our snowman is a jolly sight to see!
He is a work of art by you and me!

Copyright 2017 Ruth Gillis

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