Daddy, my dearest Daddy,
Oh, Daddy, please don't cry.
I know you are sad and deeply troubled;
We did not want to see him die.

Yes, he was your son; he was my brother,
And I know we loved him, you and I,
But now he's gone, his life is over,
And I cannot bear to see you cry.

Oh, my Daddy, do you remember
The love he gave to Mama?
He was never far away from her,
And she would not wish for you to cry.

Do you remember how she used to tell you,
With tears falling from her eye,
His heart was as big as the biggest ocean?
No, she would not wish for you to cry.

Nine children growing up together,
With different faces and different minds,
But each a likeness of the other,
With blood that makes the tie that binds.

Now Mama has long since gone before him,
And you know we still love her all the time,
And oldest son and oldest brother
Will remain forever in our minds.

Nine children growing up together,
Each one destined for a different fate.
Nine children raised with love and laughter;
Yes, it's sad there are only eight.

Let us place the flowers upon his grave,
Bow our heads in silent prayer
For the son and brother now passed before us,
But in our hearts he'll always be there.

Oh, Daddy, your aging body trembles;
Your hopeless sobs penetrate my ear.
How I wish I could undo his dying
And make all your sorrow disappear.

But I can only hold you closely
And blot the teardrops from your eye.
I hope somehow that will give you comfort,
For I cannot bear to see you cry.

Copyright 1975 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in Apropos July 1995

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