In Death I Celebrate Your Life

Should I in pain and mournful silence dwell,
And curse the gods for stealing you away?
Should I declare my life a living hell,
A moonless, starless night, a sunless day?
In somber solitude upon this grate
Of emptiness, should I with sadness toll
My bells of woe? Should I bemoan my fate,
Embrace these demons writhing in my soul?
I'd rather smash this devastating scourge,
Lift up my voice and sing in praise of you --
Yes, mine will be a lilting, happy dirge
In honor of the greatest man I knew.

Oh yes, my love, these smiles to you I give,
For it was you who showed me how to live!

Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis

"In Death I Celebrate Your Life" received a First Place Award
in the September 1995 issue of Poets At Work.


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The music "Soul Song" is by Bruce DeBoer.

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