The Littlest Angel

When her son died the mother wept
and thought her world would end.
She questioned God about her loss,
thought He was not her friend.
If He could take her two-year-old,
for sure He did not care,
and for a time she lost her faith
and did not pray one prayer.

She also had a little girl --
was four years at the time --
with sunny smile and golden curl,
oh, yes, she was so fine.
But Mommyís grief besieged the child,
she whimpered in the night;
you see, she could not understand
why Mom was not all right.

She tried real hard to be so good
so Mommy wouldnít cry,
but everything she tried to do
just seemed a futile try --
until one day, with crayons and pad
she drew a baby boy;
upon his back she colored wings,
his lips, a smile of joy.

The little girl was very proud,
as kids are prone to be;
her tiny hands the picture held,
said, "Look, oh, Mommy, see.
Itís baby Will that I have drawn,
I gave him angel wings.
I know he is in Heaven now
and flies around and sings.

"Heís happy there with God, you know,
he doesnít even fuss,
and I just know that everyday
heís smiling down at us.
When we go home to be with God
Iíll play again with Will,
and Mommy, you can kiss his cheek,
because he loves you still."

Then suddenly the mother felt
the love of God so real,
and by a childís sweet simple words
her grief began to heal.

~Copyright © 1997 Ruth Gillis~

"The Littlest Angel" received Second Place in the
October 1998 issue of The Inspirational Poet.


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