To Walk The Autumn Path Alone

I walk the autumn path alone this year
And think of all the seasons we once knew,
When hand in hand we walked together, dear,
Beneath October suns of cloudless blue.
Oh, how we loved to watch the summers change,
To feel the breath of crispness in the air,
But now, my love, the way is dark and strange;
The bitter chill is more than I can bear.
I cannot see a multicolored show
Of dancing leaves resplendent in display,
For somber is the color that I know,
So lifeless is the autumn of my day.

I long to see the leaves in flaming hue,
And yearn to walk the path again with you.

Copyright 1997 Ruth Gillis

"To Walk The Autumn Path Again" received a First Place Award
in the September 1997 issue of Poets At Work.


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