During storms of mid-December
When her husband's time was near,
His last words were a promise,
And her eyes had filled with tears.

"I'll not be here for Christmas,
I'll be smiling from above,
But I'll see that you're not lonely,
And I'll send you all my love."

Now, festive lights were gleaming
On newly fallen snow,
And the magic warmth of Christmas
Seemed everywhere aglow.

A pair of snowshoe rabbits
Romped quietly on the lawn,
As a group of Christmas carolers
Burst forth their joyous song.

Snug couples, hand in hand,
Rushed home for Christmas Eve,
Yet, mid the joy, she was alone,
And the poor old lady grieved.

She lit her Christmas candles,
Then blew them out again.
It would've been their eggnog time,
But what's the use without a friend?

She opened up her Bible
To search for solace there.
She desperately needed to know
That someone, somewhere cared.

It was then the slightest knocking
She perceived at her doorway,
Perhaps a cold, lost traveler
Seeking guidance for his way.

She pulled her shawl about her
And peered into the dark;
A scruffy, snow-blown mutt
Gave a 'Merry Christmas' bark!

She knelt for a closer look,
And he snuggled in her arms.
A delighted laugh escaped her,
For she recognized his charm.

She quickly lit the candles
And poured them both eggnog,
And, oh, she knew the promise
Through that little Christmas dog!

Copyright Joy Butler
(Used with permission)

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