The Little Ghost Named Boo

The ghosties all in Scareville
were putting on a show
to demonstrate their talent
down on Spooky Row.

While busily preparing
for all the acts they'd do,
one tiny ghost was worried,
and his name was Boo.

He cowered in the shadows
and shed a little tear.
His mother came and questioned,
"My son, what do you fear?"

"Oh, Mother, I am thinking
I can't be in the show.
I really have no talent,
and I'm so small, you know.

"I do not look horrific;
I have a silly grin,
and with the way I giggle
I'm sure I'll never win.

"All of the other ghosties
are big and tall and mean,
and they can scare the people
on every Halloween.

"But when I try to frighten,
nobody runs away.
They think that I am funny,
and they just want to play."

His mother smiled and answered,
"Sit down, my little Boo;
there's something I must tell you,
so listen while I do.

"It usually is considered
that what's unique and rare
exemplifies true talent;
so, son, don't have a care.

"Although you're not horrendous,
you have a certain flair
for making people happy;
you do not need to scare.

"I want you to remember
and always realize
that talent isn't measured
by length nor breadth nor size.

"Indeed, your talent's special,
though different from the rest,
and some may think it modest,
but some may say it's best.

"So go and join the others,
then do the best you can,
and know that I'll be cheering
my special little man."

Now little Boo, encouraged,
emerged to join the rest,
and when the show was over,
the judge said Boo was best.

Copyright 2002 Ruth Gillis

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