The Only Way To Travel

The daily news reports each day
another wreck on some highway.
Because of someone's hurried need,
a life is lost at breakneck speed.

And every day we all can see
the airplane crashes on TV.
From pilot fault to engine blame,
it matters not when death's the name.

For those who choose this mode of fare,
do not forget to say a prayer.
Your bravery I do applaud,
but I'd rather ride my ol' mule Maude!

Now boats are safe or so I'm told,
but by this means I'm not cajoled --
the places that I want to be
cannot be reached by way of sea.

Yes, trains are fast it is true,
but they're not for me, may be for you.
Perhaps their engines may not fail,
but worse than that, they may derail!

My brain and I we had a talk:
I'll stay at home unless I walk!
It is the only mode for me,
because it's safe; besides, it's free!

Copyright 2000 Ruth Gillis

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