Go ahead, fly free as a bird, my love,
no ropes, no chains, no ties.
Soar to the heights you want to reach,
on land, on sea, in skies.

If this is the life you want, dear heart,
I want stand in your way.
I hope the freedom you now have
is worth the price you'll pay.

No waiting love and warmth is yours
since freedom you've obtained.
Ecstatic joy you took from me
by this freedom you have gained.

Be free, sweetheart, just know someday
in your heart you may look and see
that not a single thing but love
will ever set you free.

For human bondage is in the hearts
of those who do not choose
to genuinely care and love;
therefore, my dear, you lose.

No one is free unless he's loved
and loveth in return.
This I know and sincerely hope
that you in time will learn.

Copyright 1984 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in the Summer 1995
issue of Sophomore Jinx


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