A Change Of Perspective

In the shade of the sheltering pines
I whiled many an hour away,
dreaming of city lights
and skyscrapers,
places I only knew about
from reading frayed old books
borrowed from
a small rural school library.

How I longed to flag a fast train
and be whizzed away
from the seclusion
of my father's one-horse farm,
to find my place
in crowded streets far removed
from the humdrum sameness
of my childhood existence.

After forty years of sweat and toil
among the clang and clamor
of my uptown life,
my soul now yearns
for whispering pines,
where the occasional caw
of a crow
is the only raucous sound.

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis

"A Change Of Perspective" received a Second Place Award
in the January 1997 issue of RB's Poets' Viewpoint.

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