Return To Youth

Today I was a carefree child again
and frolicked in a golden spray of sun;
I skipped along the path of yesterday
and romped and played till shine of day was done.

I took a walk through Daddy's fertile fields
where tiny sprouts of life were peeping through;
I danced among the rows of yellow corn,
beneath a clear and brilliant sky of blue.

Today I roamed deep into country woods,
beheld the splendid greening of the trees;
I quenched my thirsty tongue at springs of youth
and smelled the perfumed pine upon the breeze.

Today I sat inside a wooden church
and knew a peace that comes from up above;
I felt once more the safety of my youth
when havened in my Mom's and Daddy's love.

Some say you never can go back again
to childhood days forever lost in time,
but if you ride the winds of memory,
you'll find a child residing in your mind.

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis

"Return To Youth" received a Second Place Award in the
May/June 1996 issue of Poets At Work,
and a Second Place Award in the March 1996 issue of
RB's Poets' Viewpoint.

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