Y'all Come

Come back with me in time, if you will,
to my childhood country home in the '40s,
'way down deep in the heart of Dixie.
January is icy-cold this year, so come on in,
have a seat by the fire; warm yourself.

There's Mama, snuggled up in her knit shawl,
reading the Bible by the kerosene lamplight.
And that's Daddy over there, resting by the fire
after a hard day's work at his sawmill.

Let me fix you some hot chocolate;
won't take a minute. It'll warm up your tummy
and chase away the sniffles, you know.
Don't mind old Reb there -- he's a yard dog,
but Mama brought him in when it started to sleet.

Would you like some peanuts with your chocolate?
Parched 'em myself just this morning,
right there on the hearth.
Daddy's best crop ever; here, have a handful.

My, my, hear that wind whooshing
'round the windows!
I do believe it's rising -- won't you spend the night?
Sounds like a blizzard's blowing in from up North.
You'll stay? Hooray! Mama'll fix us pallets
on the floor by the fireplace, and we can listen
to the Grand Ole Opry -- you like the Opry? Good.
Daddy just bought us a
brand-new battery for the radio,
and Eddy Arnold's on tonight.
Yes, he's my favorite, too.
Daddy likes Roy Acuff best,
and Mama's fond of Ernest Tubb.

I'll get us some more chocolate,
then in the morning, if the weather clears,
we can go exploring in the woods out back.
Mama'll let us, if we bundle up real good.

Isn't this the greatest fun?
I'm sure glad y'all came.

~Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis~

Published in Tucumcari Literary Review June 1995

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