Once when the way became so dark,
I strayed away from Him;
I thought that He no longer cared,
My vision somewhat dim.

I almost turned my back on God,
But then I heard Him say,
"Return to Me, my precious child;
I'll brighten up the way.

"Just take my hand and trust in Me
Through all your stress and strife;
I'll be your helpmate if you ask,
I'll straighten out your life."

Somehow I knew on that glad day
That God was always there,
Just waiting patiently for me
To come to Him in prayer.

He is the Shepherd of us all,
And we are all His sheep.
If we but listen to His call,
He'll comfort when we weep.

And though we fail to heed His word,
Forget that He is there,
He never wanders from His herd
But keeps them in His care.

So when you think you can't go on,
The road's too hard to trod,
Just call on Him; no one's alone
Who seeks the loving God.

~Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis~


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