I am thankful for the Christmas
And the little tousled heads
As they slumber dreaming peacefully
In their comfy pillowed beds,
For the jolly red-clad Santa
Who comes riding through the air
Bringing goodies in a sack
For lovely children everywhere.

Don't you feel the Christmas season
And the gaiety in the air?
Don't you sense the Christmas spirit
And the gladness everywhere?
Can't you breathe the holy stillness
And the fragrance of the night?
Do you not believe in magic
When the world is calm and quiet?

Oh! if I live to be a hundred,
I know each December I shall see
A magical joy unfold each year
When we trim that glorious tree.
As long as there are children
Their sparkling eyes will impart
A glow of magic at the Yuletide
And love within my heart.

~Copyright 1993 Ruth Gillis~

First published in Tucumcari Literary Review,
November 1993

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