A Christmas Yearning

I long to travel back to childhood's Christmas,
A place that's etched forever in my mind.
My memory provides a wondrous isthmus,
A viaduct to span the years of time.

I shall return, if only for an hour,
To see my mom and dad and hold them near,
To feel the love inside the country bower,
Where hearts were filled with joy and Yuletide cheer.

A place where Yule, synonymous with sharing,
Bespoke true meaning of the Savior's birth,
Where love was measured only in the caring,
And gifts weren't gauged by monetary worth.

Oh, take me back, my soul is filled with yearning!
Let ambiance of youth surround the air.
My memory assures I'll be returning;
Nostalgic wings will glide me gently there.

Copyright 1997 Ruth Gillis

"A Christmas Yearning" received a First Place Award in the
November 1997 issue of Poets At Work.

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