The tree was brightly twinkling
and snow had begun to fall,
but there was no joyful spirit
in the heart of Jimmy Paul.

He had passed the age for Santa
(was twelve in early May),
and all his mother's efforts
couldn't brighten up his day.

She suggested his friends come over,
thinking he'd feel less alone,
but he said, with eyes so tearful,
"It's not the same with Jasper gone."

Young Jim had never had a Christmas
without his Jasper near,
for his dad had bought the puppy
before Jim had reached a year.

The two were pals and buddies;
they seldom were apart,
and through the years' progressions 
they had won each other's heart.

This year in early autumn
his dog took ill and died.
His death was unexpected,
and little Jimmy cried.

Then in the days that followed,
young Jim was always sad.
He rejected every puppy
that was brought home by his dad.

Now, it was Christmas morning;
there were gifts beneath the tree,
but Jim was not excited,
because he felt no cause for glee.

Oh, he tried to hide his feelings
and display a bit of cheer,
but his heart remembered Jasper,
and his eye blinked back a tear.

When the presents had been opened
and all the cards were read,
young Jim said to his mother,
"Think I'll go back to bed."

But as he turned to exit,
something seemed to catch his eye;
he saw it behind the Christmas tree
as he was passing by.

He stopped and looked more closely
and saw a starry Christmas bag,
and from inside protruded
a tail that seemed to wag.

He peered inside the package
and much to his surprise
he saw a little Jasper
with playful puppy eyes!

Jim motioned to his father
to come around and see.
"Oh, Daddy, did you buy him
especially for me?

"Where did you ever find him,
he'll be a lot of fun,
and he looks so much like Jasper
that I'm sure he is his son!"

But Daddy, somewhat puzzled,
could only shake his head.
"Well, no, I did not get him;
must be from Mom instead."

His Mother quickly told them
she did not get the pup,
then Jim with much excitement
scooped the doggie up.

The puppy licked Jim's hands and face,
and Jimmy shook his paws
and looked into his eyes and said,
"You are from Santa Claus!"

Now Jimmy was so happy,
because in his heart was joy,
and love was quite apparent
between the puppy and the boy.

Copyright 2004 Ruth Gillis


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