Two little snow kids sat on a shelf,
a girl named Sally and a boy named Ralph.
Said the boy to the girl, "I am getting tired
of sitting on this shelf  just being admired.
I wanta go outside where the snow comes down
and play with the children all over town.
And when they go to each house a'caroling
I wanta join them and sing, sing, sing.
With this candy cane all tucked in my hand,
I could be the leader of the Children's Band!"

Said the girl to the boy, "Now, Ralph, you know
we are not alive, we are just for show.
We cannot dance and we cannot sing,
so we sure can't go a'caroling.
We are not real, we're probably made of clay,
and on this shelf for a time we'll stay.
So settle back down and put on a smile
'cause we have to sit here for a little while.
It's not so bad, so be of good cheer;
soon they'll pack us in a box until next year."

Well, it was Christmas Eve and the house was quiet;
everyone was asleep for the rest of the night.
Santa had slipped down the chimney with ease,
while outside the snow fell as pretty as you please.
Santa listened attentively to Sally and Ralph
as they sat there talking on top of the shelf.
Santa heard the longing in the snow boy's voice,
and with a twinkle in his eye he made a quick choice.
From out of his bag he pulled his magic dust,
and he said, "This will do the trick if I only trust."

So he sprinkled the dust all around on the shelf
where sat the snow kids Sally and Ralph.
In the blink of Santa's eye the kids made a change,
and Ralph said to Sally, " I feel a bit strange.
My body is different, but it is  kinda nice,
I do believe I am made out of ice."
Said Sally to Ralph, "Silly, don't you know
we are now very real 'cause we're made of snow.
So let's bounce off this shelf and be of good cheer,
'cause we're gonna melt unless we get out of here."

So the two little snow kids bounced off the shelf,
a girl named Sally and a boy named Ralph.
They laughed and they giggled, happy as could be,
and they bounced out the door with jolly-good glee.

But they heard Santa say as they bounced out of sight,
"Don't forget to come back before the daylight!"

Copyright 2014 Ruth Gillis

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