It's the simple things at Christmas
that fill my heart with joy;
it's not the most expensive presents
nor the most fantastic toy.

It's the snowflakes in a snow globe
that I shake with childish glee;
it's my Santa Claus who's programmed
to really talk to me!

It's the satisfaction knowing
that I've cleaned my house with care,
because I know on Christmas morning
all my family will be here.

It's the joy I feel when baking
all those scrumptious cakes and pies,
and when I peek inside the oven
to see my confections rise.

It's the silence of the snowflakes
gently falling on my lawn,
and waking up on Christmas morning
to greet the Christmas dawn.

It's the laughter of the children
as they go sledding in the snow;
it's the simple things at Christmas
that set my heart aglow.

No, I don't need expensive presents;
I don't need what money brings;
all I need are friends and family
and a wealth of simple things.

Copyright 2017 Ruth Gillis

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