Domicile Of Tears

These winter winds possess a frigid chill;
I sit alone and wonder why you died.
My eyes, my very soul begins to fill,
And naught I find that can my grief subside.
When once upon your strength I so relied,
I knew without a doubt you'd calm my fears;
My faith in you could never be denied.
There's no one now to stop my anguished tears.

Harsh bitter winds have blown against my will;
From life and love my heart now seeks to hide.
Your death my entire being seemed to kill,
For you're no longer constant by my side.
Oh, how can I in liveliness abide
Without the joy we shared so many years?
I'm praying for a spring to change the tide;
There's no one now to stop my anguished tears.

I know that I must climb this demon hill,
Somehow avoid the chasm deep and wide.
Can I escape this pitch-dark domicile
When I have lost my lover and my guide?
You've gone and left me on a downhill slide;
I plead for help but know that no one hears.
So sinking downward I alone must ride;
There's no one now to stop my anguished tears.

Oh, Love, so many tears I've never cried;
I'm caught inside a storm that never clears.
I long for solace only you provide;
There's no one now to stop my anguished tears.

~Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis~

Previously published in Apropos 1995



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