I prayed to change the course of fate;
Without you near, how could I see?
For thirty years you'd been my mate;
You were the light that shone for me.
From mortal bonds you had to flee;
You crossed into the great divide
To journey to eternity,
And so the candle slowly died.

For God would not cooperate,
However urgent was my plea,
But how I wished I could dictate
And force Jehovah to agree
To grant extended clemency.
He called your name, you could not hide,
I could not quash His last decree,
And so the candle slowly died.

I could not lock the gaping gate,
For only God possessed the key.
His mind, not open to debate,
Knew when 'twas time to set you free.
These things I knew so mournfully,
But longed to keep you by my side.
The trumpet played your elegy,
And so the candle slowly died.

Oh Love, I loathe finality;
To change the plan, oh how I tried!
But that was never meant to be,
And so the candle slowly died.

~Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis~

"Preordained" received a First Place Award in the
Summer 1998 issue of The Candlelight Poetry Journal.


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