They say that time will cure the deepest hurts,
And spring is always just around the bend,
But time it seems has somehow stopped for me,
And spring has not emerged to help me mend.

Oh lift me up, soft, warming breeze of spring,
Deliver me from winter's glacial chill;
Embrace me in your convalescent arms,
Upon my heart let reassurance spill.

Harsh arctic blasts so long have cut me down
And scourged my soul into a grim retreat;
I need salvation of your soothing breath,
Exalting me above this dread defeat.

Arise, oh flower of spring, and bring me peace,
Revive my withered will lest I should die;
Enfold me in your perfumed renaissance,
And cover me with brightness of your sky.

Rejuvenator of the dormant earth,
Restore my eyes to see the shining sun;
Uncap my ears to hear the meadowlarks
Sing sweet refrains that healing has begun.

Copyright 1996 Ruth Gillis

"In Time And Season" received a First Place Award in the
Spring 1997 issue of The Candlelight Poetry Journal.


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