No Balm For Grief

You plunged me into darkness by your leaving
and fired the plagues of hell inside my soul.
No power on earth can still my anguished grieving;
the very gods themselves cannot console.

Imprisoned in a dungeon of despair,
I'm chained to haunting memories of you.
Entrapped inside a devastating lair,
I curse the day that from my arms you flew.

How shall I live? Oh, how shall I go on?
What can I find to mend this bleeding hole
inside my heart and lift this grating stone?
What strong emollient salve can make me whole?

My love, my life, with you I yearn to be,
for there's no balm, no healing salve for me.

Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in the March/April 1995
issue of Tucumcari Literary Review


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