Ive heard it said, and I do believe
that smiles will bring the sun;
I know that frowns will hide its rays
and leave the soul undone.

So I will offer smiles today
and trust a patch of blue
emerges from your darkened sky
to give sweet peace to you.

I guess that I could frown and say
how much I sympathize;
of course I do, but would my frowns
bring sunshine to your eyes?

I think my frowns would only serve
to further sink your hope;
perhaps youd think your lot too harsh
to even try to cope.

Please take the smiles I bring with love,
they are my gift to you;
I pray that they will help you see
some sunlight peeping through.

~Copyright 1999 Ruth Gillis~

Previously published in
The Inspirational Poet June 1999




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