A Rubaiyat Of Tears

I love you for your clear blue eyes
That borrow color from the skies
And fill with tears you cannot hide
Each time a fragile sparrow dies.

I love you for your tender heart
Whose gentle beating will impart
A message to your eyes to tear
Each time you see a work of art.

I love you for your laughing tears --
The tears you use to mask your fears
And wash the madness of this world
Into the void of yesteryears.

And when great sorrow comes our way,
I love your tears that softly say,
"Let's brave our hearts and steel our minds,
For soon we'll see a sunny day."

I loved you on our wedding day
As reverently we kneeled to pray.
A sparkling tear on glist'ning cheek
Told me our love was here to stay.

I love you for your tears of joy
That happiness shall oft employ --
As on that fateful day of grace
You held our first-born baby boy.

And on our son's bright wedding day
I loved your silent tears that say,
"I'll miss you, son, my baby boy;
But all God's speed while on your way."

I loved you through your tears of grief,
Caused by a pain beyond belief;
A bosom friend was claimed by death.
This mortal life is much too brief.

And final tears of love I'll save
Till in some future, deep and brave,
Your tears will water flowers that
Are blossoming beside my grave.

Copyright William J. Middleton
(Used with permission)

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