I spread my wings and start my flight,
Here in my native land,
When dawn's soft beauty kills the night,
Assisted by God's hand.
The morning speaks with gentle grace,
With Earth's own mystic powers.
I soar with joy from place to place
Through this great land of ours.

I see canyons wide and deep --
Wonderments so fair.
I see mountains high and steep
Reaching through the air.
I see valleys open wide
And forests full and lush,
Majestic roaming country side
And jungles green and plush.

I see deserts, hills and plains,
Rivers, lakes and streams.
I see fields of golden grains
And small towns built from dreams.
I see the farmer work and pray
When springtime gives new birth.
I see the joys of harvest day --
Sweet gifts from Mother Earth.

I see these magic gifts from God,
When through the skies I soar,
While watching mankind's fateful trod --
So now I must implore:
Please don't tarnish, harm or burn
This precious land I love,
For I'll be watching with concern
While flying high above.

Copyright Gary L. Edwards
(Used with permission)

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