I once caught me a leprechaun
With little pointy toes
And vowed I'd not release him 'til
He told me what he knows
About the great big pot of gold
That's at the rainbow's end
And all the wishes he could grant:
I said, "Tell me, friend."

He said to me, and somewhat mean,
"I don't need friends like you.
You're the greediest one I've met,
And I've met quite a few.
The gold is in the rays of sun
And diamonds in the dew;
Silver lines the floating clouds,
And it belongs to you.

You're a wealthy woman, lass,
Open up your eyes and see;
Then perhaps you'll not harass
The 'wee folk' such as me."
That's all that he would ever say,
And so I saw no use
In holding tightly on to him,
So I just turned him loose.

I thought him full of blarney but
I've noticed since that day,
The sun shines brighter than before
And I treasure every ray.
I know that you think me naive,
But I'm sure it's true:
A leprechaun will bring good luck;
I hope you catch one too.

Copyright Marybelle Sullivan Land
(Used with permission)

Rest in Peace, Sweet Marybelle.
I miss you.


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