The softened rush of angel wings
Is heard in quiet hours;
A moment when a child prays,
The wind upon the flowers,
The velvet touch at end of day
When twilight touches sky,
The trickle of a single tear
When one must say goodbye.

The softened touch of angel wings
When the heavens all rejoice,
When one finds God's salvation
The angels lift their voice.
They sing, so full of glory,
A child has come home,
No more to wander aimlessly
So lost and all alone.

The softened rush of angel wings:
A ripple in a pond,
A vagrant cloud in crystal dome,
The scarlet streaks of dawn.
The rustle is so gentle,
We often don't take care,
We say it's just a breath of wind
That's blowing by somewhere.

But if you listen carefully,
You might hear the flit of wings
Gliding through the evening sky
Soft as a whisper sings.
You might even feel a flutter
As an angel passes by,
So close that you could touch them
As they journey through the sky.

Copyright Nancy Watson Dodrill
(Used With Permission)


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