Ruth's House of Poetry Proudly Presents


Put your hands together for a big round of applause
for my Guest Room Poets!

Welcome to the Guest Room Poets section of Ruth's House of Poetry.
From time to time, I will be showcasing poetry written by other poets;
poets whose work I love and admire, and who graciously
give me permission to display their fine works on my site.
I am sure you will enjoy reading these wonderful poems.
Thank you, poets, for honoring me by being a guest
in my house of poetry.



The Poets and Poems:


The Rush Of Angel Wings by Nancy Watson Dodrill

Teddy Bear Comfort by Laryalee Fraser

The Wee Folk by Marybelle Sullivan Land (A St. Patrick's Day poem)

The Flight Of The Eagle by Gary L. Edwards

A Rubaiyat Of Tears by William J. Middleton 

The Conqueror by Helen Dowd

Vern's Escape by Shirley Guilhas

The Promise by Joy Butler (A Christmas poem)

No Room For The Christ Child by Helen Dowd
(A Christmas poem)

Get Away by Madison Gillis (my granddaughter)

An Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet by Sarah Gillis (my granddaughter)





All poetry contained in the Guest Room Poets section of Ruth's House of Poetry
is copyrighted by each individual author and may not be used in any way
without written permission from the authors.

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