Teddy Bear Comfort

Remember the giggles that dusted our childhood,
the fantasy threads that we spun?
We sloshed into puddles, blew multi-hued bubbles,
had picnics with teddy bear fun.

When naughtiness surged out of mischievous urges,
we'd shrink from the scoldings in sight;
then curl in a blanket and sob with abandon
while hugging our teddy bear tight.

As years slowly settled their weight on our shoulders,
the bubbles all floated away.
Our picnics and giggles have now been sequestered
by schedules we're bound to obey.

When caught between pressures that threaten to break us,
our hearts feel a hesitant tug;
we need a few moments to curl in seclusion,
with teddy bear comfort to hug.

Copyright 2002 Laryalee Fraser
(Used with permission)

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