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Scroll down to read poems of Nostalgia, Love, Laughter, Grief, Reverence, Spring, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas, Guest Poets, and Various topics. Click Back on your browser to return to this page, or if you'd like to start at the beginning, click Here. My most popular poem: The Wreck On Highway 109 (found in The Variety Rooms).
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The Rooms of Nostalgia

The Rooms of Love and Romance

Apology Jump Start Wedding Vows
Comparison To A Rose Letter To A Soldier (Petrarchan Sonnet) When We Are Old (Sonnet)
Estranged The Lonely Heart You Make Me Woman
First Kiss (Sonnet) Memories Of A Summer Day You Still Invade My Dreams (Kyrielle)
First Love Said Love


If I Could To Measure Love (Sonnet)

Hannah's Heart

His Lovely Bride Forever (Sonnet) I Wish I Were Love's Prediction
Wishing Well Surrender Candle In My Heart
A Single Rose The Sound Of Lonely I Feel So Pretty
To My Love Cupid Got Me Good Love
She Made Her Love A Valentine Silent Love Camouflage
Thorns Among The Roses (Rubais) Drummer's Love Song Autumn Leaves (Sestina)
I Loved You Once Escape Freedom
Fragments Advice To A Potential Lover There Is No Blame
I Remember You Isn't It Funny?  Slapout Memories
Invitation Indifference Second Chance
Faded Embers (Petrarchan Sonnet) Enough's Enough (Rondel) I Dreamed I Slept In Your Arms Last Night
My Sweetest Valentine    

The Rooms of Laughter

The Rooms of Grief and Pain

The Variety Rooms

A Dreamer's Paradise (Sonnet) The Legend Of Mary Cass (Ballad) The Winner
A Poet's Candle (Sestina) Letting Go (Pantoum) What A Little Bird Teaches
A Poet's God-Given Talent Little Johnny Gets A Chance (Parody) Winter Sunset
A Poet's Prayer My Dog (Sonnet) The Wreck On Highway 109
A Sonnet For The Journey Of Life (Petrarchan Sonnet) My House The Picture Gallery Hook, Line And Sinker
Back To School Ode To The American Flag The Splendid Love (Rhyme Royal)
The Call The Old Man And The Smiling Boy The Last Voyage (Sonnet)
Don't Wait Peaceful Island Train Up A Child (Glosa)
Dreams Are The Stuff Of Life (Petrarchan Sonnet) Perfect Timing I Hurt Someone Today
Forgive Procrastination To Accomplish A Dream (Sonnet)
Grandmama's Boy Sisters Of The Heart He Took Courage By The Hand
Time Out Love Me Now (Villanelle) A Poet's Paradise
Ode To The Human Race (Terza Rima) Craters Bees (Parody)
The Children Know To Read A Book The Trick Of Time
Ragamuffin Summertime Residence Imagination
Down With Winter (Dizain) Rain At Night A Cat Will Prowl
Transfer Apple Tree The Lived-In Look
I Dream Of Dreams Those They Leave Behind Telatha (Prose)
The Vision & The Vision Unveiled (Two prose poems) The Lesson Flashback To Youth
Death Into Life (Sonnet) Faithful Friend It Takes A Lot Of Courage
Secretary's Lament Housewife Blues Five-Year-Old Male
Verbal Reprimand She Wrote Pictures By Candlelight (Pantoum) The Deserted House
A Poet's Truth In My Study To The Surgeon
Peanut Man Two Ladders Of Life   For My Daughter Growing Into Womanhood
Twilight Thief A Poet's Commitment (Rondeau) Poets And Poetry (Rondeau Redouble)
Sweet Sixteen Oh, Little Cat  

The Rooms of Reverence

An Assortment Of Angels Divine Healer (Sonnet) Let Me Run A Godly Race (Sonnet)
Angels At Her Bedside Epitaph The Lord Is My Lighthouse
Angels In Our Midst Finding Peace No Payment Required
A Woodland Awakening For Everything God Has A Reason Out Of Bondage (Sonnet)
Belief Hold On And Pray O We Of Little Faith
Beyond The Clouds I Am Thankful For The Trees Return To Me
Dear God, We Need Your Help The Lamplighter Sometimes God Sends Us A Cowbell
The Unseen Physician Awakening With Help From God
The Wavering Christian's Prayer My Prayer Time Isn't Very Long
Bluebirds Always Sing My Friend I Met God
My Guide In Tender Reverence I Reach For You, O Lord
A Song In My Heart Follow The Shepherd I Dream Of Heaven
Christ Is Calling You Bless This Land of Ours, Oh Lord Hi, Lord
A Golden Daybreak   Set Free   Since I Took Him As My Own
A Wonderful Place   Walking With God   The Great Possession
To Walk The Shores Of Time   How We Should Live  

The Rooms of Spring

The Rooms of Autumn

The Halloween Rooms

The Christmas Rooms

A Christmas Yearning I Believe The Touch Of Mama's Hand
Back To The Basics (Sonnet) In Memory Forever (Sonnet) Will They Come This Year? (Sonnet)
The Christmas Bush Lodestar Winter Haiku
Christmas Granny My Christmas Memory Whatever Happened To Christmas-Past?
Christmas Magic The Reality Of Christmas Christmases With Mama....A Journey To Christmas-Past (This is a true story and not a poem)
From My House To Your House Snowman Artistry (Huitain)

Santa Claus Online

Gingerbread Boys And The Babe That Night

Christmas Quiet

Christmas Gift The Joys Of Christmas No Room
Christmas Wishes Come, Christmas, Come! Seasonal Images
Snowman Country Christmas Jimmy's Special Gift Snowman Love
I Love Santa Letter To Santa Yuletide Peace (Dizain)
Santa's Magic Dust Snowman Fun It's Christmastime!
The Simple Things At Christmas    

The Guest Room Poets

The Rush Of Angel Wings by Nancy Watson Dodrill

The Wee Folk by Marybelle Sullivan Land (A St. Patrick's Day poem)

A Rubaiyat Of Tears by William J. Middleton 

Teddy Bear Comfort by Laryalee Fraser

The Flight Of The Eagle by Gary L. Edwards

The Conqueror by Helen Dowd

Vern's Escape by Shirley Guilhas The Promise by Joy Butler (A Christmas poem) No Room For The Christ Child by Helen Dowd (A Christmas poem)
Get Away by Madison Gillis (My granddaughter) An Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet by Sarah Gillis (My granddaughter)  

 About Me

Good Poems

Good poems are like the rain,
misting like a spring drizzle,
creating peaceful images.
Sometimes, though, they flood
like a downpour,
drenching the soul with tears.

1997 Ruth Gillis

A Poet's Autumn Harvest

I pen thoughts,
maturations of the mind
gleaned from a lifetime of living.
Fruitfulness of the seasons
now gathering on paper,
like cornucopias of
ripened harvests,
inviting everyone
to partake.

1997 Ruth Gillis

Poetic Seed

What is a poem
except a few words
strung together and
flung to the
four winds?
A bit of verbiage
here and there.
Some I read
have no meaning;
others do.
And some
take root.

~ 1993 Ruth Gillis ~

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Consider The Mule

Rachel's Revenge




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