I wandered through a country wood
I frequented when but a child;
I marveled at the scenery,
The entire landscape seemed beguiled.

I strolled the wood with newborn eyes,
My feet remembered where to go;
I knew I trod on sacred ground,
But ne'er before had thought it so.

God's workings were quite evident
In every verdant plant and tree,
And as I walked the forest floor,
I knew that God escorted me.

The creatures of the wood performed,
The streamlets gently rippled by,
Cool breezes fanned my timeworn face;
I saw a dove take wing and fly.

'Twas then a peace stole over me,
A calm I'd never known before;
And there amid God's handiwork,
My spirit rose and seemed to soar.

The reverence of this woodland scene
Revealed to me a solemn truth:
All nature blends as one with God --
A truth elusive in my youth.

Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis

"A Woodland Awakening" received a First Place Award in the
September/October 1998 issue of Poets At Work.



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