Grandmama's Boy

Grandmama's boy with fishing pole,
So full of youth's unending zest,
I wish that I could take your hand
And join you on your wondrous quest.

For youth is filled with wonderment,
So free of grownup cares and fear,
And summer beckons you to play
While sunny days still linger near.

Oh, winsome child with pail of worms,
Adventure twinkling in your eyes,
Epitomizing summer's charm,
You are the essence of blue skies.

You do not understand, my sweet,
This time so soon shall be no more,
And summer's fire will dwindle down
When autumn sneaks in through the door.

My pride and joy, embrace these days,
The world is yours, so claim it now --
Explore! explore! before the fall
Slips wrinkles on your aging brow.

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis

"Grandmama's Boy" received a Second Place Award
in the July 1996 issue of RB's Poets' Viewpoint.


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