The Lord Is My Lighthouse

O Lord, sometimes I feel uneasy,
I'm plagued by doubts and fears;
my homeland now is threatened,
and Lord, I am in tears.

On looking back to yesterday,
the way that things were then,
I know I took for granted
the safe land I lived in.

Perhaps I didn't pray enough
or praise Your holy name.
O Lord, I wish that everything
could still be just the same.

I guess by now You've noticed, Lord,
I'm praying more each day,
beseeching You to clear the storm
and take the threats away.

You give me strength and comfort, Lord,
I know You'll see me through
uncertain times we're living in;
I put my trust in You.

O Lord, You are my lighthouse
in this hazy fog of night,
and when I'm lost in darkness
You guide me with Your light.

And if the waves pound higher
upon my homeland shore,
dear Lord, You'll be my lighthouse
that shines forevermore.

Copyright 2001 Ruth Gillis



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