Winter Sunset

Red, falling leaves,
mixed with orange, yellow, and brown,
gather on the cool ground
around this aged park bench
where I sit reflecting on my life.
I stroll down the Path of Yesterday
as the Wind of Time, with brisk motion,
whirls the leaves and settles them
in a pile at my feet.
Suddenly I feel a kinship
to their desolate fate
of ashes in the earth.

But upon careful retrospection,
I find the qualms are few,
because once in a vibrant, active life,
I blazed greener trails
when the winged challenges of youth
soared in a timeless breeze.

Now, in autumn's warning hour,
bare of long-term aspirations,
I am content to separate
from the earthly tree of life,
to glide toward a winter sunset,
envisioning an Eternal Sunrise.

Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis

First published in the Fall 1994 issue of Poetic Eloquence

The wonderful painting is by Thomas Kinkade and used with permission.
You may visit his beautiful art gallery HERE.

Music "Winds of Time" is by Bruce DeBoer.

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