To Ride The Winds Of Memory

I wish that I could turn back time
to nineteen fifty-three
and wander down those hallowed halls,
together, you and me.

How sweet 'twould be to once again
see all your faces there,
and skip along the corridors
where youth was free of care.

I'd love to feel the ambiance
of days that are no more,
where tender hopes were plentiful
and dreams were meant to soar.

I'd like to see your cheerful smiles
that brightened like the sun,
and feel the rush of eagerness
for journeys just begun.

But oh, alas, those days are gone;
I can't go back to see
those teen-aged classmates of high school,
except in memory.

How long the road has wound since then,
how far I've had to roam,
but girlhood days I shared with you
will always whisper home.

Perhaps the roads you've taken, too,
have led both far and near,
but I suspect that in your hearts
those high school days are dear.

So take my hand and we will ride
the winds of memory
back to the time when we were young
in nineteen fifty-three.

I'm sure you'll find, as I have done,
although mature and gray,
inside your heart that teen remains,
forevermore to stay.

~Copyright 1999 Ruth Gillis~

Previously published in Poet's Review September 1999


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