Daddy, I Remember

So many times I journey back
to carefree days of youth,
recalling all those happy years
you called me Baby Ruth.

The childhood years flew quickly by,
then I became a wife --
remember how you shared my pain
when things all went awry?

You gave me shelter as before
and gently eased my fear;
I knew somehow my heart would heal
because, Dad, you were near.

You told me once you'd be with me
as long as you could stay,
but then one day the angels came
and took you far away.

The grass has grown eleven years
upon your grave so still,
but songbirds sing inside my heart
and flowers grace the hill.

Because today I realize
how richly I was blessed
to have you for my loving dad;
you see, you were the best.

And so I come with thanks today
to honor you in love.
I know deep down inside my heart
you're watching from above.

As I kneel here beside your tomb,
I want to share this truth:
Dad, though I'm way beyond my prime,
I'm still your Baby Ruth.

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis~

"Daddy, I Remember" was first published in the
June 1995 issue of Poet's Review,
and received a First Place Award in the
September/October 2000 issue of Poets At Work.

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