Sometimes God Sends Us A Cowbell

I knew a time when days were bleak
and thoughts were total gloom,
for surgery had left me weak
and life seemed like a tomb.

I felt the sting of many tears
and thought that I would die;
consumed with doleful doubt and fears,
all I could do was cry.

I knew my children needed me,
which made me sadder still;
where was the mom I used to be,
what happened to my will?

And then one day my little Chuck --
was seven at the time --
came to my room to cheer me up,
said, "Mom, you'll be just fine."

He brushed a kiss across my cheek,
as tender as a rose;
I was so touched I could not speak,
so I just blew my nose.

In his left hand he held a bell,
the kind that bovines wear;
he said, "Look, Mom, till you get well,
I'm here to give you care.

"I found this bell down by the spring;
it's old and rusty too,
but when you shake it, it will ring,
then I will come to you."

Now I look back some thirty years
upon that stirring day
and realize God dried my tears
and took my doubt away.

My little boy, His instrument
to turn my will around,
I know was truly heaven sent
with a cowbell that he found.

The thoughtfulness of one held dear
comes wearing angel wings
that gently fan away our fear
and give us hope that sings.

Copyright 2000 Ruth Gillis

"Sometimes God Sends Us A Cowbell" was previously published
in the April 2000 issue of Poet's Review.


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