Don't Wait

Live each and every given day
as if it were your last,
for you don't know when you'll become
a memory of the past.

Do not forget to give a hug
to those that you hold dear,
because they too like puffs of wind
may suddenly disappear.

If you've a friend you need to cheer,
please do it now, don't wait;
you may not get another chance,
and tomorrow may be too late.

Don't needlessly procrastinate
if you've a task to do;
if it's worthwhile then with a smile
dig in until you're through.

Don't squander time like there's no end,
for none but God can tell
the length of time you have, my friend;
therefore, please spend it well.

~Copyright 1999 Ruth Gillis~

Previously published in the November 1999 issue
of The Inspirational Poet

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