Ode To The American Flag

How proud I am of you, O Flag!
Your stars and stripes are in my soul;
You stand for courage, strength, and might,
And stir my heart with joy untold!

For freedom's cause you live, O Flag,
In this great land, the USA;
Upon my heart I place my hand
And watch you fly in grand display.

With every fiber of your being,
Throughout the wars of history,
You strove to keep our country safe
And wave with pride and dignity.

Amidst the fire and roar of guns
You gallantly remained unfurled,
To save for me and fellowman
A safe, secure, and peaceful world.

O Flag of freedom and of trust,
Allegiance is my pledge to you.
Forever I'll be loyal to
Your glorious red, white, and blue.

~Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis~

Previously published in the July 1995 issue
of Poetís Review


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