My Ideal Mother

She raised nine kids when times were tough;
She showed us all just how to cope
With rocky roads and pathways rough,
And told us life is filled with hope.

She led us with a gentle hand,
But spanked us for our naughty ways;
When falling down she helped us stand
And coaxed us onward with her praise.

She never whimpered or complained,
Although sometimes her heart was weary.
She chuckled even when it rained,
And taught us love is never dreary.

She never made the Hall of Fame,
Although her worthy deeds were many.
Marquees did never blink her name,
Although her noble acts were plenty.

In all this world, the next one too,
I know there'll never be another
To take her place because, you see,
She really was the ideal Mother.

~Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis~

First published in Poetic Eloquence Fall 1994


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