When School Was Out

On summer days when school was out
and morning chores were done,
was nothing else to think about
but having so much fun.

Those were the times Id wander far
into the land of trees,
and often I would take a jar
to fill with bugs and bees.

I didnt worry Id be missed,
cause Mama always knew
her little girl could not resist
the things she loved to do,

like going to my gurgling spring
and catching tadpoles there,
while listening to the birdies sing
and watching them in air.

I loved those woods as Id explore
each butterfly and tree.
Id make a path on forest floor
to skip upon with glee.

While playing there my dreams would soar --
oh, it was so much fun!
Now seems my childhood days were oer
just when they had begun.

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in the June 1996 issue
of Anterior Poetry Monthly


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