Dreams Are The Stuff Of Life

It takes a dream to stir a heart that's still,
It takes a hope to keep a soul alive,
Accomplishment is reached by those who strive,
But naught is gained if you don't have the will.

If you are ever constant in the drill
To be the best in all that you contrive,
You'll find your hopes and dreams will always thrive
Like flowers blooming by a lively rill.

But if your goal is only to get by,
Content to be a minnow in the stream,
If you don't even have the will to try,
Or set your sights upon a bright moonbeam,
It's certain that you'll shrivel up and die
And never know how precious is a dream.

Copyright 1996 Ruth Gillis

"Dreams Are The Stuff Of Life" received a
First Place Award in the Summer 1996 issue of
The Candlelight Poetry Journal.



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