The holidays are now upon us;
there's a feeling in the air--
and though we can't explain it,
we sense it everywhere.
At the Mall there is excitement
as the shoppers hurry by
midst the bright lights and the glitter
that make us say oh, my!

It's time for Christmas preparations
and playing in the snow;
it's time to get out the decorations
and hang the mistletoe.
It's time to build a jolly snowman
and dress him to the hilt;
it's time to look with admiration
upon the snowman we have built.

It's time to play some Christmas carols
and to watch some Christmas shows;
it's time to bake some Christmas cookies
that smell so pleasing to our nose!
Let's not forget the cakes and candy
and the scrumptious chocolate pie;
we'll add a tasty hen with dumplings
and with pleasure we will sigh!

But as we make our preparations
and as we go about each chore, 
let us pause to remember
what Christmastime is for.
We may decorate with baubles
and with twinkling lights so bright,
but it's all about the Baby Jesus
Who was born that holy night.

Copyright 2017 Ruth Gillis

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