Christmas Quiet

I love the hush that Christmas brings,
the sigh of wonder in the air;
my heart in exaltation sings
a melody as soft as prayer.

I think the angels from on high
have come and sprinkled all the earth
with peace and love to glorify
the season of the Savior's birth.

Yes, peace and love He came to bring
to all the regions of the earth,
and still today the angels sing
proclaiming tidings of His birth.

So as about my tasks I go,
envisioning that wondrous night,
I feel such calm and joy to know
that Jesus' star still shines so bright!

It seems that all my stress and strife
miraculously have disappeared,
and just because one precious Life
into the world for all appeared.

So listen closely and you'll hear
the quietness of the season.
Your heart will overflow with cheer;
the Christ child is the reason.

Oh, Christmas quiet, I love you so!
A gentle peace with me abides,
and in my heart I feel the glow
that only Jesus Christ provides.

Copyright 2001 Ruth Gillis

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