If the way becomes too dark to see,
If life's too cruel to bear,
If your path is blocked by adversity,
Hold on and say a prayer.

If your faith is weak and hope is dim,
And you've lost the way to go,
Lift up your voice and pray to Him,
He'll light the way; how well I know.

I have met despair in the darkest night,
I've lived with a pulsing pain,
I have been held captive in a dreadful plight,
I've shivered in a cold, harsh rain.

But I've seen a star in the blackest sky,
Been soothed by a cooling breeze,
I have been set free as a bird to fly
Or rest under shady trees.

So whatever clouds obscure your view,
However dark the day,
God will shine a light for you
If you hold on and pray.

Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis

"Hold On And Pray" received a Second Place Award
in the September 1998 issue of Poets At Work.

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