So long the winter ruled my heart
that sadness was its counterpart.
I struggled through the cold, bleak days;
my mind was in a snowbound haze.

I thought my heart would freeze and die,
and often I'd lie down and cry.
It seemed the more that I would fret,
the days would cloud and darker get.

Just when I vowed I would give up
I saw a lovely buttercup,
then heard some bluebirds gaily sing --
'twas then I knew it must be spring.

Now everywhere I look I see
greening leaves upon a tree.
Flowers are blooming everywhere;
their sweetest fragrance fills the air.

The bright blue sky's a canopy
that covers flowers and greening tree.
I feel a cool and gentle breeze
and hear soft rustles in the trees.

From my gazebo the bluebirds' song
invites my heart to sing along,
and down the street not far away
I hear the children laugh and play.

This picture-perfect wondrous day
eradicates past days of gray.
Now gloom of me is not a part
because of springtime in my heart.

Copyright 2015 Ruth Gillis


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