The Springtime Spell

I saw two birdies up in a tree,
their names were Chirp and Chipparee.
They seemed as happy as they could be
on the first of Spring in 2003.

As I watched them closely I could tell
that they were under the Springtime spell.
Young Chirp was frisky, Chipparee as well;
I was not surprised when in love they fell.

Then soon thereafter they built a nest
and sat side by side, two birds abreast.
My story is true, I do not jest;
I heard young Chirp make this request:

"My sweet little darling Chipparee,
I fancy you; please marry me."
When Spring unfolded I came back to see
a nest of baby birdies up in the tree.

Now, you may think this tale untrue,
but it could easily happen to you.
This story's moral, in a small nutshell:
Love blooms when you're under
the Springtime spell.

Copyright 2003 Ruth Gillis

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