Rebel, snip of a dog, why do we love you?
We call you Baby Brother and Baby Boy,
and you just look at us with soulful eyes
and try to lick me.

You no-good canine species,
why did you bite the postman?
And why did you chew the door?
Do you not know we keep you in
because it's not safe to go wandering?

We have raised you from a yelping pup,
trying to teach you proper doggie manners,
but you still bark and show your teeth,
among other things I won't mention.

And something else,
why do you have to sleep in people beds?
You know that's against my rules.
Also, why don't you stop this bit
with my gold slippers?
You may have the blue ones, you know,
why must you drag the gold ones from my closet?
Don't butter me up, you tail-wagging mutt.

Whose bed will you occupy tonight?

Copyright 1972 Ruth Gillis

Published in RB's Poets' Viewpoint 1995

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