An Assortment Of Angels

Last night I dreamed I went to Heaven

where the streets were made of gold;

the splendor of the holy city

was breathtaking to behold.


There I observed a scene impressive --

hosts of angels far and near,

parading down those streets eternal,

free from pain and free from fear.


Composed of many varied colors,

but united in a band,

they proudly wore the name of Jesus

as their one and only brand.


They marched with joy down Heavenís sidewalk,

clasping hands in true accord,

displaying love for one another,

chanting praises to their Lord.


I heard the trumpet softly playing,

calling me inside the door;

assorted angels bid me welcome

to Godís home forevermore.


When I awakened from my dreaming,

God seemed closer than before;

I felt Heíd given me a message

too enlightening to ignore.


I searched my soul and asked forgiveness,

for I knew that it was true

Iíd clung to prejudicial traces

toward the ones of different hue.


But God, omnipotent Creator,

sees each person from within;

He isnít mindful of the races

or the color of the skin.


~Copyright © 1996 Ruth Gillis~


First published in Poet's Review December 1996


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